Storage Rates

Want to just drive up to your locker and unload.  Well, you can.  Our drive up storage lockers range in size from 5’x10’ to 10’x40’. All locker units are equipped with heat sensors that should a fire occur, the fire department will respond immediately (oh, did we mention that the fire station is our next door neighbor!).  Also, fire extinguishers are strategically placed on each building. Clients put their own lock on their locker unit and keep the key.  How easy is that?!   Need help with your move?  Check out our free trailer with any size locker rental!


 Locker sizes are approximate and may vary slightly



 1 Month $110.00

6 Months 5% Discount $104.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $99.00/month**


 Our 5x10 lockers are the perfect size to store your motorcycle, clean out some extra clutter in your garage, store your things securly between semesters, and get a jump on spring cleaning.  

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10x5 (Above left) and a 5x10 (Above right) offer different options for accessing your stored items. 10x5 can provide easier access your boxes while 5x10 you can stack higher inside with more stability.  



 1 Month $170.00

6 Months 5% Discount $161.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $153.00/month**

 Need more space than a 5x10, we have that too! With wider doors the 10x10 can easily hold a quad or atv, large couches and tables, extra camping gear, and all of that basement clutter. 


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10x10 (pictured above with an average size desk inside) Offers a great balance between great access to you boxes, ability to stack up high, as well as store bulkier items on a budget. 



 1 Month $195.00 

 6 Months 5% Discount $185.25/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $175.50/month**

Our Secure Storage Lockers are individually locked providing for secure and private storage. All Storage Units are clean Calgary self storage units. Also Excellent for Calgary Box Storage.

8x16 Storage Pod (pictured above) Is a unique storage option that provides superior dust protection and rodent control with it's fully rubber gasket sealed doors and walls. A must have for long term storage where you don't want to shrink wrap all of your furniture. 



1 Month $210.00

6 Months 5% Discount $199.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $189.00/month**



1 Month $250.00

 6 Months 5% Discount $237.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $225.00/month**

Our Storage Lockers are clean and ready for your household storage needs - excellent home storage alternatives - we provide you secure storage solutions, be it box storage, book storage, toy storage, ski storage, or all that and more, please consider us for your storage solutions.

10x20 (pictured above) What a versitile size, capable of storing a full size car or truck allowing you to escape part of our Calgary winter. Or able to store a household worth of items! 



1 Month $290.00

6 Months 5% Discount $275.00/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $261.00/month**



 1 Month $350.00

 6 Months 5% Discount $332.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $315.00/month**



 1 Month $410.00

 6 Months 5% Discount $389.50/month**

12 Months 10% Discount $369.00/month**

 Our Calgary Storage Lockers are big enough to hold the contents of an entire House. Some also use our self-storage lockers for Garage Storage including Car Storage, Truck Storage and Tool Storage or Machine Storage.

10x40 (pictured above) The ultimate in storage lockers! Large enough to fit 2 fill size vehicles or just one full size truck PLUS a single garage worth of items. This unit is recommended for those who need a massive amount of storage or those who need regualr access to all of the items being stored. 



·    **Discounts of 5% and 10% apply to pre-paid locker rentals 6 to 12 months.

 ·     There is a $30 move in fee which includes a padlock for your unit

 ·     Storage lockers have a minimum inside height of 8’-6”

 ·     Lockers have door widths of 8’-6” and door heights of 6’-6”

 ·     We have a limited number of locker units that have door widths of 9’ - 6”

 ·     There are NO REFUNDS on pre-paid accounts if a client elects to leave the yard prior to the end of the rental termination date.

 ·     All prices subject to 5% GST

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interact, e-transfer and cash as methods of payment.