"NEW" Yard Rules


Yard Rules

  1.          Swipe your gate card every time you enter the yard.  Not swiping the card could mean you cannot exit the yard. Wait for the gate to fully close behind you at the entrance and exit.

  2.          Speed limit must be obeyed. Yard speed 15 km.  5 km at office.

  3.          Do not take short cuts through RV sites.

  4.         Parallel parking only beside lockers. Do not block laneways.

  5.          No flushing RV tanks at sani dumps.

  6.         Do not store anything on ground in RV sites.

  7.         No parking of cars or trucks in the yard for more than three days without permission from the office. 

 8.          Obey all posted signs.

 9.          If you have had an accident in the yard it must be reported to the office.

10.      No vehicle repairs in yard (must clear any repairs with office staff).

11.      Must park in designated site only.

12.      Renter is responsible for all guests they bring onto property.

13.      No riding off road vehicles within the yard.

14.     All pets must be on a leash or in vehicle. Please pooper scoop.

15.      No modifications can be made to lockers or RV sites.

16.     This is a storage yard only, not a campground.  No overnight stays allowed.

17.     Anyone caught stealing or damaging property will be immediately evicted and prosecuted.

18.      Zero tolerance for abusive or profane behavior to staff or other customers.