The never-ending winter has finally ended. We hope! Spring seems to have arrived and camping season will soon begin. The very snowy winter should help the forests and camp grounds and maybe the wild fires won’t be so bad this year. Camp fires add so much to the experience for us all.


As we begin this season, I would like to say welcome to our new customers and welcome back to our long-time customers. We are excited to see another season begin.


I would like to just reiterate to everyone that our snow clearing service is a free courtesy service we offer. It is offered to people who are taking their units out to camp or for servicing. We do not offer snow removal to people just because they don’t want snow around their units. There are shovels at the office for people who wish to visit their units and need to clear themselves a pathway. Skid steers can be costly to run. In future if you wish to have the snow removed from your unit, please notify us 24 to 72 hours before you need to take it out. If we clear the snow, we expect that you will take the unit out.




We have had a good winter and no reported issues within the yard. Our cameras have been keeping us informed of all activity.   Each year the camera technology has improved and we have been taking advantage of this. The yard is 27 acres now and it can be challenging for us to keep track of at times.


Recently we had someone attempt to use a stolen gate card to access the yard. These people were seen prowling along our fence line on the road and then attempted to get in with the gate card. The gate was being blocked by a previous customer and luckily the card had been reported to us as stolen and disabled, so they were unable to get in. We did get a good picture of the driver and passenger and also the license plate number. The information was passed on to the RCMP.


Please do not put our business card in the vinyl case with the gate card. We do not have any identifying information on the gate card so that if it is stolen it cannot be traced back to us. If you do have a gate card stolen from your vehicle or with your stolen vehicle, please be sure to notify us immediately so we can disable that card. Keep the card anonymous! Keep vigilant for any unusual occurrences and report them to us.


Please remember to stop and wait for the gate to close when you enter and exit the yard always. This is our most vulnerable area so we need your help to protect it.


On that note, you MUST swipe in and swipe out of yard. Even if the gate is open, swipe your card. If you are dropped off to pick up your motorhome, swipe your card and walk through the gate. Our new gate system will not let you out if you have not swiped in!


You will begin seeing some signs popping up around the yard. These are just friendly reminders of some of the rules and other information you may find useful. Have fun reading these!




The yard is full again this year. If you are planning to upgrade your trailer YOU MUST CHECK WITH US BEFORE YOU DO! We have very few areas we can put you in and our temp sites will not always be available as we will be doing short-term storage again this year.   If you have friends visiting who need to store their unit for a few days please keep us in mind. Cost is $15.00 per day.


As always, we have a few wheel covers and air conditioner covers in the office. These were found in the yard over the winter. This year there were not many because most were frozen into the ground or anchored with the snow! Remember if you put your name on them, we can return them to you if we do find one.


Now that the piles of snow have finally melted (most of it) we can check the yard over and if we find that your unit is not quite where it should be, you may be asked to come in and re-situate it.


The “Yard Guy” will be checking sites and fixing some that appear to need grading. Small pot holes and dints in sites can be easily fixed by you with a rake and do not require heavy equipment.


Please be sure to stay in the laneway when driving through the yard to your site. Do not take short cuts through empty sites or use other sites to make parking easier. You will damage someone’s site. Also, at this time of year we ask that you go directly to and from your site in the most efficient way and not drive all over the yard. The ground will start to become soft as the frost comes out. We expect it to be at its softest by May long week end.   Just in time for the mass exodus!


Trailers need to be centered in the site and the front of the hitch at the yellow line. There should be a foot or two between the back of your trailer and the one behind you. We did do a very comprehensive yard audit recently, but will also be doing another follow up one to ensure we have accurate information on all units.


Please remember that If you have an accident while in the yard, please report it. Over the years we have had a few minor accidents and usually we are able to “hunt down” the culprits. It is much easier if you simply report the incident. Not reporting an issue could mean eviction.




The sani dump and water will be opened and turned on as soon as we can safely do so.   Please take a moment to drop into the office and pick up a “Tips for Tanks” brochure. This brochure has information on the care and maintenance of your black and gray tanks. Also, keep in mind that the “no rinsing” rule will be enforced again this year.   Remember the cleaning/rinsing water is coin operated and requires a loonie. All proceeds from this go directly to the Cochrane Humane Society. You can check on the sani dump status on our web site under “customer area”.




Each spring we have a few reports of mice activity. If you have signs of mice in your trailer, motorhome or locker, please let us know and we can put fresh poison containers out. Do not keep anything edible in your locker or RV. Bounce sheets throughout your trailer or in your lockers seem to help deter the mice and give everything a nice scent. Please do not use your own mouse poison. We would not like to see a child or animal other than mice get poisoned by accident. Our poison containers are very safe and cannot be opened without a key so are child and pet proof as long as they don’t get driven over. If you do find any that have been cracked or opened please report them.   Another little hint to help prevent mice, keep RV doors and hatches closed while at camp grounds.


Each spring the kill deer birds return to nest throughout the yard. They lay their eggs right on the gravel so you may encounter these little birds.   If you do find a nest report it to us and we will put a pylon beside it to alert people it is there and hopefully avoid destroying it. Sometimes it is unavoidable as they don’t seem to quite understand that the trailers take precedence and need to come and go. The Mommy bird will also pretend she is hurt to try to distract you away from her nest, so don’t be too concerned if you see her and she appears to have a broken wing. Once the eggs have hatched the babies do not return to the nest and can then be seen running around with Mommy bird.


You may also see weasels. These turn brown in the summer and can be very destructive. They are good for keeping down the mice population. Rabbits too will be all over the yard. Wild rabbits are born fully haired and are ready to leave the nest right away. Mother rabbit hides them and then runs around feeding them. If you see these little guys, please don’t handle them. Mother knows where they are.




Methods of payment are:


  • Visa & Mastercard

  • Debit

  • Cash

  • E-transfers


We no longer accept cheques for payment. We also do not take American Express.


We have two discount plans. These are prepaid. Prepay for 6 to 11 months and receive a 5% discount. Prepay for 12 months and receive a 15% discount. These are non-refundable if you move out prior to the end of whatever term you have paid for.


We also do monthly payments and many of our customers utilize our preauthorized payment plan. This method means we automatically renew your contract on your due date with a credit card. This method is convenient for customers who travel as it means your payment is always on time and no late fees! We only keep credit cards on file for these preauthorized payments. We do not keep credit cards on file for yearly or 6 month accounts unless requested to.


E-transfers are the newest method of payment we are now accepting. If you do online banking, you probably have the ability to send us your payment via e-transfer.


Use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


You need to have a security question and answer. Use your unit number as the answer. Question “what is my unit number”. This is the best one to use. Another one could be “where are you located”. Answer “springbank”. Just remember that I must know what the password is before I can get the e-transfer!


Late fees go on 5 days after your due date and continue to go on every ten days after that until the account is cleared. We will no longer waive late fees. There is also a $15.00 charge for declined credit cards.


You will receive an invoice approximately two weeks prior to your due date unless you are on the automatic payment plan. On the preauthorized plan, you will receive a reminder of the upcoming withdrawal rather than an invoice.


If you are planning on selling your unit, please pay month to month only. We do not refund under any circumstances! Stalls can also be transferred to the new owner. This can be a good selling feature! Remember you must contact the office if you are doing this and the new client must come in and do a rental agreement.


Remember to give us 14 days notice prior to move out.


If your information has changed, please notify us of the changes.




There is a “customer area” on the website and we post relevant information about yard conditions and sani dump status.   Hours of operation summer and winter are on there too.




Our expanded RV store now carries many more RV type items. Below is a list of some of them:


Tire gauges, moisture removers, levelling blocks, toilet paper, water hoses and sewer hoses. Wheel chocks, Happy Camper and other septic products. A variety of hitch pins and quick links. We also have many many small items such as fuses and bolts and nuts. Bungee cords and a large variety of hitch locks. Come in and browse. If there are any items you would like to see us carry please let us know.


You will notice we have made a few changes in the office. It was time to spruce it up and we have created an information wall right at the front door. There is also an area for business cards.


We still have our free coffee and tea available. Pop and water for purchase as well. We offer free popcorn too!


We now sell firewood. The cost is $8.95 and the bundle is quite generous.




There are new promotional items in the office always. So, come on in and check them out. Say hi and meet the staff. We look forward to May as the office becomes busy and we get to meet all of you and can put a face to a name. We don’t always remember the names, but never forget the faces. Remember we are here to assist you and to answer any of your questions we can. We will be doing another free raffle draw again soon.