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Spring has not actually arrived yet but if Mr. Groundhog was correct, we should have an early one this year. We look forward to spring and seeing all our customers again. Winter is far too long and quiet.


A new year always brings new challenges for us. This year we will be offering some new storage choices since we have purchased the property directly across the street. We are going to be offering limited inside heated car storage and unlimited heated motorcycle storage. We are also looking at inside heated boat storage for the winter months. We have moved our very large motorhomes over to the new yard and now offer limited outside car storage in that yard. There is another sani dump in that yard for the motorhomes. There are still renovations to be done inside the building but if you are interested in either of the heated storage options you can let the staff in the office know. When renovations are completed, we will notify those interested. 

Staff this year are again Travis and Tak. Management are Tim and Diane. We are considering adding a part-time yard person. The person we are looking for would be able to work independently and follow through on instructions given. Days and hours of work would be flexible. Grass cutting and weed control would be the main jobs. If you are Interested in this position, please let us know.


Due to our purchase of the new yard, the main yard now has openings in pretty much all sizes. If you are interested in moving from your existing site for any reason now is the time to contact the office and speak with staff about doing this. We will try to assist existing customers with moving requests for a limited amount of time. Spring usually means we fill up quickly with returning and new customers so please make your requests sooner rather than later.


With the Spring comes the thaw, please keep this in mind and anticipate some softer areas. Tim has put new gravel in laneways and will be monitoring them for areas to put more in. Limited traffic in early Spring helps the yard stay solid. The new yard has been built to hold the heavier Motorhomes and so we are hopeful that with them gone from the main yard the laneways will remain in better shape this year while the thaw is happening.


Once again, we would like to thank everyone for stopping and blocking when entering and exiting the yard. Your diligence has had a huge impact on the security of the yard. Once more we have ended the year with no security breaches to report.


We welcome Spring and the return of customers. Please do not hesitate if you need information or assistance of any kind in the coming months.




Remember you can check the website for updates on yard conditions and sani dump status.


On the website in the Customer Area and RV Resources are names of some of the mobile repair companies who come to the yard and do routine maintenance on site. There is also a link to a website that has campsites listed on it for Alberta and BC. It is quite a good link and you may wish to explore what it has to offer.




If you are considering selling your unit this year, please be sure to pay monthly. Remember there are no refunds if you move out prior to the end of your term. If you are preauthorized for either of the long-term discounts and plan to sell remember to contact us before we process your payment and go on a monthly payment instead. If you send us a link or give us the information for the unit you are selling, we can put it in our sale folder. We do often get people inquiring if we have units in the yard for sale. A sign in the window of your unit may also help.


If you have changed the unit in your site, please let us know. We will be doing a yard audit soon. Also, if you have not sent us proof of ownership for your unit, i.e. registration or bill of sale, please do so. The RCMP have recommended we do this for the security of our yard and with this information on file if your trailer did go missing, we would have the ability to quickly notify the RCMP of the VIN number for the missing trailer.


Notice of move out for RV’s is 30 days and for lockers it is 14 Days. Without notice you could be charged an additional month rent. Please be sure to give us written notice. Preauthorized payers should do this when you receive your reminder notice, so we do not process the payment. If we have not received written notice from you and a payment is processed, we will not refund that payment. It is your responsibility to give us notice.   A quick email will suffice. We will then schedule the move out and no payment will be run.


Finally, if you plan to upgrade to a larger unit, please let us know! If you have changed your unit, please let us know! Twice a year we do major audits and throughout the year we do audits just to keep track. We do audits throughout the year as part of our security protocol and need to know what unit is in each stall.





We would like to remind everyone about our payment options. We accept the following forms of payment.


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit
  • Bank E-transfer
  • Cash




Many of our customers utilize our preauthorized payment plan. This method means we automatically renew your contract on your due date with a credit card on file. Our computers and payment system is very secure and we do now keep a valid credit card on file for all customers. If you have not signed the area on your rental agreement allowing us to use this card, you may wish to come in when in the yard next and sign so you will have the ability to pay over the phone should you need to. We never run cards without permission.


We will no longer waive late fees! These begin to apply on the 5th day after your due date if the account has not been paid and continue to accumulate every 10 days until the account is cleared. There is also a $15.00 charge for declined credit cards.






Invoicing is done twice a month via email or for those without email we hard copy mail. These go out approximately two weeks prior to your due date. Those of you who are on the preauthorized plan will receive a “reminder” notice rather than an invoice. If you are unsure of what your payment should be, please call and check before sending an incorrect Etransfer.


For the sake of my sanity, please please put your unit or locker number on the Etransfer!! Most especially if you and your partner have different names and one of you are not on the account! Also, another challenge for me has been the security answer. Please let me know what it is prior to sending the Etransfer!. There are many of you who send transfers regularly and I know the answers and how to type them, BUT there are also new ETransfer customers who I do not know the answer for and who do not let me know what the answer is. Very challenging sometimes for me to guess the answer and I only have three (3) chances. So please help save my sanity and let me know the answer!   Thanks in advance…………




We have propane for swap available year-round to customers. There are two sizes 20 lb. and 30 lb. We also carry the small 1 lb. canisters for sale.




Another item we carry year-round is dry firewood. A very generous bundle for $8.95.




We have a mini store in the office. We carry items such as chemicals for your toilet and tanks. We also carry toilet paper. Antifreeze is available year-round. Battery supplies and sani dump hoses and attachments. Bolts and hitch thingies. Travis orders these supplies and sometimes what he brings in can surprise you, so come on in and check it out!


We have complimentary coffee and tea and popcorn. Bottled water and pop for sale.


Promotional items are always available, and all are complementary to our customers. Not always the same things and sometimes silly things, again come in and check it out!


We are in the office 7 days a week year-round.