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SANI DUMPS ARE OPEN (September 24, 2020)
We keep our dump open as long as the weather allows. Check back here for updates.
Please remember the "no flushing" / "Rinsing"/ "Washing" / "Cleansing" etc... rule!


  • Attach one end of the sewer hose to trailer

  • Insert the other end into the dump station opening

  • Release the black water valve

  • Wait approximately 60 seconds

  • Then release the grey water valve


This procedure has now emptied both your black and grey water tanks and you can now disconnect the trailer end of the hose. Rinse the hose for approximately 10-20 seconds and you have now completed your dump. If your black tank gauge shows still full, it is because gauge is still wet.




  • Filling your black water tank via your toilet with fresh water and proceeding to empty the water into the sani dump. Whatever method you use to do this, you are still putting fresh water into our sani dump tank.

  • Use of the built in black tank flusher only fills up your tank with fresh water – it does not agitate or clean the tank! As a result, you are filling your black tank with fresh water and in turn filling our system. This is costly for us and inconvenient to customers who are unable to use the dump because it is full.




  • Use a good quality marine or RV toilet tissue. This type of tissue is made to break down. Do not use regular tissue as this does not break down as well.

  • The use of a sani chemical is also recommended. No. 1 recommended type is Happy Camper. We have had very good feedback on it. The other is the Fresh Tank, again good feedback on it.

  • If you empty your tank at the camp ground and put a bag of ice cubes into the tank via your toilet with a liter of water and a scoop of chemical, as you drive back to Springbank the ice cubes agitate inside the tank and help to clean sides. You do not need to empty again.

Remember we are here to help, please feel free to ask for assistance at any time




  • Close all of your low point drains

  • Add a few gallons of fresh water to your holding tank

  • Turn on your water pump and open all taps one by one until clear water comes out

  • Reinstall your hot water tank drain plug and reverse the hot water bypass valves


You are now de-winterized, there is no need to dump the few gallons of fresh water you have used. It can be taken with you on your first camp trip to prime your black tank and help to avoid tank build up at the start of a season.


Here is some additional information for you. 

Holding Tanks  


Holding tanks in RV’s are great if they are maintained properly.


First thing to remember, use dissolvable RV toilet paper. This will help keep blockages down and prevent sensor probe issues from rising.  If paper does not break down properly, it can get caught up on a probe resulting in false readings.  Cleaning this, after a problem occurs, can be difficult. 


Secondly, use a good tank chemical. I recommend one that has an oil base (pine/ coconut etc.) to help lubricate the valves when dumping.  Some RV’s have black tank flushers which I have found to be more of a sales gimmick then anything.  Using a toilet wand from the top of your toilet will provide you better cleaning results. 

 If a blockage of false sensor readings occur, filling the tank and draining it will not fix the problem. The best fix is simple. Take 1 - 2 bags of crushed ice and empty into toilet. Add 1/2 box of baking soda, 1/4 cup of Tide detergent, and fill tank 1/4 to 3/8 full with water and go for a drive. Allowing the ice solution to slosh around in the tank, cleans the probes and any scum in the tank.

I hope some or all of this information helps you in your RV experience.


Mel Kuntz


Silver Creek Mobile RV Service Inc.